Association Lévesque Inc. wants to promote the regrouping of all the descendants of the Lévesque ancestors who came to America and who could have left a posterity. There are at least fifteen of them. For more information about them, download the PDF document.

  • Pierre Lévesque and Marie Croiset
  • Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier
  • Jacques Lévesque dit Sansoucy and Marguerite Lair (Lert)
  • Jacques Lévesque dit Lafrance and Madeleine Gosselin + Josette Jobin
  • Charles Lévesque and Élisabeth Bériau
  • Nicolas-Charles-Louis Lévesque and Cécile Morel
  • Olivier Lévesque and Marguerite Arrivé
  • Jean Lévesque and Françoise Bouillon
  • François Lévesque and Catherine Trottier-Désaulniers
  • Other Lévesque from France (list)

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Place of remembrance

Fil ROUGE PASSEUR DE MÉMOIRE aims to enrich the podcast experience by adding genealogical content related to the 24 families with roots in Kamouraska. The Lévesque Association participates in the “Passeur de mémoire” project, for a Lévesque tourist circuit, a follow-up to the Fil rouge project in Rivière-Ouelle. To the descendants of the families and to the population (a Red Thread that will lead them in the footsteps of these pioneers). Lévesque Info spring 2021 by Philippe Paré Self-guided genealogical circuits To get the tours: “PASSEURS DE MÉMOIRE.COM


THE FAMILY MARKERS THE MOST SPECTACULAR PART OF THE PROJECT. The Family Marker on the Land of L’Ancêtre consists of an eight-foot-high column made of steel (autopatin) fixed in the ground on which we can read the information relevant to the ROBERT LÉVESQUE AND JEANNE CHEVALIER family entitled THE CARPENTER AND THE KING’S DAUGHTER.








In front of the church of Rivière-Ouelle, a wifi network allows you to download the application and the circuits.


Places of Memory,

Place Robert Lévesque, Hautot St-Sulpice, Normandy, France