Association Lévesque Inc.


Explanation of symbolism Coat of arms (colours) Association Lévesque Inc.

Episcopal lacrosse is an allusion to the surname Lévesque. This symbol of function is found in many coats of arms of Lévesque families (under different spellings), both in France and elsewhere in Europe, especially in Germany and the United Kingdom. There are two of them for the sake of artistic balance. The star is a symbol of hope. It symbolizes the hope of the pioneers who came to settle in the New World. It is also a symbol of the United States of America as well as Acadia. The fleur-de-lys is the heraldic symbol of France under the monarchical regime, and therefore of the time of the migration of pioneers to New France. The fleur-de-lys is found in the flag and coat of arms of Quebec. The maple leaf is Canada's symbol par excellence. The wavy fasce represents water, in this case the ocean crossed by the pioneers to found their families in the New World. Green is a color generally associated with agriculture, which the pioneers practiced. The motto Work and Courage recalls the fundamental values that our ancestors implemented every day of their lives and that they left us as examples.   They consist of a coat of arms whose description is as follows.From sinople to two butts of bishop passed in sautoir accompanied in chief by a fleur-de-lis and, in point, a maple leaf, all of gold, to a fasce waved with azure bordered with silver loaded with a gold star and brochante on the whole. The arrangement and printing of the documents and stationery of the Association on which the coat of arms appears shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the Association. The Steering Committee may authorize an external group or organization to use the coat of arms of association Lévesque Inc., even if the Association does not directly control its activities, provided that this is not likely to create confusion between the Association itself and that group or organization. Such group or organization must, however, demonstrate that its activities or services are related to the activities of the members of the Association, or participate in the mission of the Association. The Steering Committee may require a copy of any publication bearing the coat of arms for deposit in the archives of the Association. The Secretary, at the Annual General Meeting, will report on the applications accepted or refused under this guide. Any request for use of the coat of arms must be accompanied by a description or example from the user. The user agrees to reproduce the coat of arms of the Association in a manner that will avoid the perception that the Association endorses or approves its product or publication. The user agrees to reproduce the coat of arms of the Association without modifying them except to convert the file to a different graphic format (JPEG, BMP, etc.). According to the official regulatory models made available to users by the Association, it is essential to preserve the original proportions of the coat of arms and to reproduce them at least 10 mm wide in both black and white and colour versions. No one shall use an artisanal reproduction. The coat of arms must remain full and include sufficient free space around it to prevent unintentional reference to any other element, including but not limited to text, photograph, border, etc. It is forbidden to decompose the coat of arms to use its individual elements or to incorporate the coat of arms of the Association as part or element of other coats of arms or logo. The official colors are green (Pantone 340), azure blue (Pantone 293) and gold (Pantone 136). According to the rules of heraldry, reproduction in black and white version is limited to the outline of the coat of arms and its elements and does not include any gradient to represent the colors. Please send any request for use to: The Secretary, Association Lévesque Inc., 748 Irvine Street, Fredericton, NB E3A 3E7 Canada. January 5, 2000