Association Lévesque Inc.

Association Lévesque Inc., founded on June 20, 1998, is a non-profit organization that proposes to:

  • Facilitate the grouping of as many descendants of Lévesque ancestors as possible in Canada and elsewhere.
  • Assist members in the search for their ancestors.
  • To constitute and enrich the historical heritage of the Lévesque families.
  • Promote the publication and distribution of documents relating to lévesque families.
  • Organize events, reunions, exhibitions, trips… for the development and promotion of the history of the great Lévesque families.

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members elected by the General Assembly. They volunteer and meet at least three times a year. You can contact them as needed to provide them with your suggestions or any relevant information.

Association Lévesque Inc. received his letters patent on November 26, 1997 and held his founding meeting on June 20, 1998 in Rivière-Ouelle, Que. The Association is a non-profit organization. International and bilingual, the Association is of interest to all descendants of the various Lévesque ancestors in Canada and elsewhere, either in direct line or by marriage. All Lévesque families in the world can boast of having their own family association. A family association brings value and pride to those who bear the same surname. You have had a surname rooted in New France and America since the beginning of the colony. Be proud of your name Lévesque and become a member of an association that works to revive and solidify the bonds of your great Family. After a dynamic and enthusiastic start, the Association wants to keep its air of youth and needs your support and collaboration to carry out the many projects already undertaken.

Goals of the Lévesque Association

  • Facilitate the reunification of all descendants of the various Lévesque ancestors in Canada and elsewhere, either in direct line or by marriage;
  • Organize reunions, exhibitions and trips for the development and promotion of the history and genealogy of the Lévesque families;
  • Promote the publishing, printing and distribution of documents relating to the Lévesque families; and
  • Encourage the collection of all documents likely to add to the history of the Great Lévesque family.

Benefits of being part of the Association

  • The Association is the ideal organization that allows you to meet interesting people interested and interested in discovering their cousins near and far.
  • The Lévesque Infonewsletter, published four times a year, informs you of the meetings and activities organized by the Association. His articles focus on genealogy, family history and on diverse topics related to the Lévesque family.
  • Becoming a member gives you the right to vote at general meetings and allows you to present your ideas and opinions on the development of the Association.
  • Thanks to the Association's initiative, you will be able, in the near future, to have access to a bank of high-quality genealogical information that will allow you to quickly and accurately discover your family tree.
  • The Association helps you to leave your children a more complete family history than that left by your ancestors.
  • The Association gives you the opportunity to discover that people of your lineage have played a role in the events that have shaped the history of your country.
  • The Association can make you discover a letter, a will, a notarial deed signed by a great-grandfather, which gives a feeling of deep communion with him and with his time. A picture of your great-grandfather holding your grandmother on her lap doesn't tell you anything? You hold in your hands a moment stolen from the past tense!


This is what your Association can offer you! Association Lévesque Inc. is a member of the Fédération des familles souches québécoises inc.