The history of the Lévesque family


Pierre Lévesque and Marie Croiset

First Generation
  1. Pierre2 Lévesque,Charpentier, son of Gilles Lévesque and Mathurine Thibault, was born around 1641 in S-Pierre-de-Doué-la-Fontaine, Anjou, France. He married Marie Croizet on August 10, 1677 in Roy-Chatellerault (La Pérade). Marie was the daughter of Pierre Croizet and Marie Brouarde de Marennes in Charentes-Maritimes. She was also the widow of the soldier Jean Laquerre,dit Rencontre, who arrived with the Carignan regiment in September 1665. The couple settled in Ste-Anne de La Pérade on a lot granted by the Lord where they had at least four children:
  • + 2 i. Pierre3 Lévesque: 1679 — 15 Jan 1749.
  • + 3 ii. Madeleine Lévesque: Feb. 8 1681 — 6 May 1758; does not found a home.
  • + 4 iii. Edmond Lévesque: 1683 — Nov. 14, 1732.
  • + 5 iv. Mathurin Lévesque: May 30, 1685 — Sept. 7, 1722.
Second Generation
  1. Pierre3 Lévesque (Pierre2,Gilles1)born about 1678 died on 15 Jan. 1749 in La Pérade. He had married Jeanne Tessier on 30 Nov. 1726 in La Pérade, daughter of Mathurin Tessier and Élisabeth Létourneau, and widow of Jean-Baptiste Gervais. On the 18th of the same month, they had signed a marriage contract at the notary Trottain. The couple had a son named Pierre4 Lévesque,born on August 29, 1727 in La Pérade. The latter died on August 31 of the same year, after having lived only three days. With this death, the posterity of Pierre and Jeanne Tessier died.
  2. Edmond3 Lévesque dit Dusablon (Pierre2 Lévesque, Gilles1)born in 1683 in Batiscan, he died on Nov. 14, 1732 in La Pérade at the age of 49. He had married Marie-Anne Morand on 14 Nov. 1712 in Batiscan, the daughter of Pierre Morand and Madeleine Grimard. The couple had signed a marriage contract the day before at the notary Trottain. M-Anne was only 17 years old. Between 1712 and 1732 the couple gave birth to at least 9 children: six boys and three girls:
    • Joseph4 Lévesque-Dusablon,born March 16, 1714 in La Pérade. He died on 28 Jan. 1771 at the same place at the age of 56. He had married Ursule Rochereau on 18 Jan. 1745 also in La Pérade.
    • Marie-Anne Lévesque-Dusablon, born Apr. 8, 1715 in La Pérade. She married Joseph Lemerle on 10 Apr. 1741 in La Pérade.
    • Marie Lévesque-Dusablon,born August 15, 1717 in La Pérade.
    • Joseph Lévesque-Dusablon,born August 27, 1719 in La Pérade. He died on 15 Jan. 1750 at the age of 29. He had married Élisabeth Rochereau on 18 Jan. 1745 in La Pérade after having signed a marriage contract the day before at the notary Rouillard.
    • Joachim Lévesque-Dusablon, born March 21, 1722 in La Pérade died on Oct. 25, 1805 in Repentigny at the age of 84. He had married M-Anne Rivest for the first time on 22 Feb. 1745 in Saint-Sulpice and a second time in Marie-Charles Janot on 8 Feb. 1796 in Repentigny.
    • Pierre Lévesque-Dusablon,born August 6, 1724 in La Pérade married Catherine Vanier on Sept. 6, 1753 (ct Hodiexi) in Ogdenburg NY ?.
    • Madeleine Lévesque-Dusablon, born Feb. 6 1727 in La Pérade.
    • Jean-Baptiste Lévesque-Dusablon, born On 23 Apr. 1729 in La Pérade He died on 18 Apr. 1774 in Repentigny at the age of 44. He married Cécile Archambault on Feb. 2. 1761 in L'Assomption.
    • Louis Lévesque-Dusablon, born August 5, 1731 in La Pérade died on Jan. 19, 1750 at the same place at the age of 19.
  3. Mathurin3 Lévesque dit Rompré (Pierre2 Lévesque, Gilles1)born May 30, 1685 in St-François-Xavier de Batiscan. He died on 7 Sept. 1722 in La Pérade at the age of thirty-three. He had married Madeleine Morand on 14 Nov. 1712 in Batiscan on the same day as his brother Edmond. Madeleine, sister of Marie Anne, was 22 years old. The couple settled in La Pérade and gave birth to at least five children, many of whose descendants chose to bear the name Rompré.
    • Joseph4 Lévesque-R, born Sept. 23, 1713 in La Pérade. He married Madeleine Rochereau on 10 Nov. 1738 at La Pérade.
    • Madeleine Lévesque-R, born Feb. 13 1715 in La Pérade. She died on 27 Feb. 1791 at the same place at the age of 75. She had married Joseph Baril on 29 Oct. 1746 in La Pérade.
    • Michel Lévesque,born March 28, 1717 in La Pérade. He died on May 4, 1721 in La Pérade at the age of 4.
    • François Lévesque,born May 20, 1718 in La Pérade.
    • Pierre Lévesque, born Feb. 26 1721 in La Pérade.

The posterity of Pierre and Marie Croizet was assured by the descendants of the two sons Edmond and Mathurin who distinguished themselves under the names of Dusablon (Dusablé) and Rompré. They are concentrated mainly on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City and Trois-Rivières.

Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier

Robert Lévesque,son of Pierre Lévesque and Marie Caumont, was baptized on September 3, 1642 in Hautot-Saint-Sulpice, Haute-Normandie. His godfather was Robert Lévesque and his godmother, Anne Gontier. Since his parents were married in the same place on October 27, 1641, it can be assumed that he was the eldest of the family. He is known to have a brother, François, baptized on April 5, 1644. Jean-Baptiste-François Deschamps de la Bouteillerie, a gentleman from the same region of Caux as Robert Lévesque, was promised a Lordship by the King of France. At the end of June 1671 he left Dieppe on the Saint-Jean-Baptiste with two carpenters, two masons, and four labourers. Robert Lévesque is probably one of the two carpenters. On October 29, 1672, Lord Deschamps received the concession of the seigneury of La Bouteillerie. He probably visited his lands as early as 1672, perhaps even before the date of the concession. Robert Lévesque first worked as a carpenter in the construction of the seigneur's manor, then, on 10 Nov. 1674, the seigneur granted him a land of 12 arpents by 30 located southeast of the Houel River. The depth of this land is increased to 42 arpents by an act of 1683. His immediate neighbor was Galleran Boucher and his second neighbor was Damien Bérubé, a mason, recruited like him by Lord Deschamps. Robert builds his house and begins clearing. For 20 months, between 1675 and 1677, he worked on the construction of the "house" of the Petit Séminaire de Québec. During his last four-month contract, the books of the Petit Séminaire indicate that he was hired to work "on the frame". On April 22, 1679, he married Jeanne Chevalier,widow of Guillaume Le Canteur, in L'Ange-Gardien. She was the daughter of Jacques-Alexandre (Le) Chevalier and Marguerite Scormian de Saint-Nicolas de Coutances (or Dieppe) in Normandy. She arrived in New France the same year as Robert Lévesque and married Guillaume Le Canteur on October 19, 1671. She has three sons with Guillaume Le Canteur. Robert Lévesque adopted them and raised them like his children. None of the Le Canteur married and had children. Robert Lévesque died on September 11, 1699 at the age of 57 in Rivière-Ouelle. After Robert's death, Jeanne Chevalier remarried To Lord Deschamps in 1701. The latter died in 1703. Jeanne Chevalier died on November 24, 1716. Robert Lévesque took care of the construction of the first church in Rivière-Ouelle. He was also one of those who took up arms to repel Phipps at the Pointe de Rivière-Ouelle in 1690. Over the years, Robert Lévesque accumulated a large land estate, especially after the acquisition of three lands from Joseph Renaud in 1692. At the end of his life, he was censitary of two lands of 12 arpents by 42 and three other lands of smaller size. His wife inherited land granted by the lord to his son Nicolas Le Canteur who died in 1692. The Lévesque Chevalier couple can be considered relatively wealthy. Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier had six children: five boys and one girl.

  • François-Robert was born on February 12, 1680 in Rivière-Ouelle. He was baptized on the 14th in the manor of the lord of the Bouteillerie. Lord Deschamps and his wife, Gertrude Macard, were his godfather and godmother. He married Marie-Charlotte Aubert on November 7, 1701 in Rivière-Ouelle. She was the daughter of Félix Aubert and Claire-Françoise Thibault de Château-Richer. The couple settled northeast of the Ouelle River, on one of the lands purchased from Joseph Renaud. In 1730-1731, François-Robert operated a tarmac factory in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière. He has 13 children, eight sons. Three of his sons and one of his daughters married the children of Mathurin Bérubé, son of Damien Bérubé, Robert's second neighbour in the South-de-la-Rivière line. François-Robert died on October 7, 1765 at the age of 85, a few months after the death of his wife Charlotte who died on March 25 of the same year. She was 82 years old. Among Robert's children, the descendants of François-Robert Lévesque and Charlotte Aubert are the most important.
  • Pierre-Joachim Lévesque was born on January 24, 1682. He was baptized on April 21 of the same year at The Grande Anse (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière). His godfather was Pier Saint-Pierre and his godmother, Mother Saint-Joachim, a religious hospitaller, aunt of Lord Deschamps. He married Angélique Letartre,daughter of Charles Letartre and Marie Maheu on June 30, 1705 in L'Ange-Gardien. His father-in-law was one of the co-signatories of robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier's marriage contract in 1679. The new bride is 17 and he is 23. Pierre-Joachim inherited his father's house and a third of his father's land. He hosts his mother who lives in the same house. The couple gave birth to 13 children: 7 boys and 6 girls. Angélique Letartre died on January 30, 1742 and was buried on the 31st in Rivière-Ouelle. Pierre-Joachim died on November 8, 1759 in Rivière-Ouelle at the age of 76. His death occurred at the time of the capture of Quebec while the inhabitants were on the alert for fear of suffering the effects of the presence of the English on the coast.
  • Joseph Lévesque was born on December 11, 1684 and was baptized on January 6, 1685 in Rivière-Ouelle. His baptism is the second act recorded in the registers of Rivière-Ouelle. His godfather was Joseph Renaud, from whom his father had bought the land in 1692, and his godmother was Marie Gobeil, wife of Pierre Hudon, a neighbour living on the other side of the river. He married Marie-Angélique Meneux,daughter of the late Jacques Meneux and Marguerite LePreuvier, on November 16, 1704 in Rivière-Ouelle. He inherited the 8 arpents of the south-west of his father's land and was therefore a neighbour of his brother, Pierre-Joachim. Angélique gave him 10 children, including five sons. Joseph died at the age of 70 on February 12, 1755, a few years before his wife Angélique who died on March 9, 1759, the year of the war.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lévesque,born October 13, 1686 in Rivière-Ouelle, died in December 1687.
  • A second Jean-Baptiste Lévesque,born february 3, 1688 in Rivière-Ouelle, was buried on March 11, 1688.
  • Marie-Anne Lévesque,born October 3, 1690 in Rivière-Ouelle, died October 13, 1690.

With their three sons, Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier gave Lévesque's largest descendants in America.

Jacques Lévesque dit Sansoucy and Marguerite Lair (Lert)

Son of Louis Lévesque and Anne Gélinot, Jacques Lévesque dit Sansoucy was born around 1666 in Jarnac in Charentes-Maritimes, He is first a soldier of the Cie de LaChassaigne. Then on December 4, 1698, he married Marguerite Lair,a 20-year-old daughter, born on February 13, 1678 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal. The couple had 13 children, all born in Repentigny between 1699 and 1723. Five died in infancy. The others will marry and start homes. On the girls' side it will first be Marie Joseph with Laurent Deganne on February 3, 1721; Marguerite with Charles Maheu on November 12, 1725; and Marie Charlotte with Pierre Chevalier on July 29, 1737. All three marriages were celebrated in Repentigny. On the boys' side, Jacques married Marie Josèphe Masson on 21 July 1727 in Saint-Sulpice, but he died a few months later, on 2 Oct. 1727 at the age of 26, without leaving any posterity. Nicolas married Élisabeth Cadieux in 1731 in Rivière-des-Prairies. Michel married Josephte Cadieux on June 27, 1740 in Repentigny. Michel will be the father of thirteen children and Nicolas, fifteen. Obviously, the Lévesque-Sansoucy descendants are descended from either Nicolas or Michel. These are geographically concentrated in Montreal and within a radius of about 60 kilometers around Montreal.

Jacques Lévesque and Madeleine Gosselin + Marie Josèphe Jobin

  1. Jacques2 Lévesque dit Lafrance,weaver, son of Michel and Marie Crochet d'Alençon in Normandy, married Madeleine Gosselin for the first time on September 30, 1748 at Notre-Dame church in Quebec. She is the daughter of Pierre Gosselin and Françoise Belleville-Decaruel. He married Marie Josèphe Jobin on 12 June 1775 in Charlesbourg and signed a marriage contract on the 19th of the same month at the Notary Geneste. Josette is the daughter of Joseph Jobin and Marie-Anne Renault. Jacques gave Madeleine Gosselin six children:
    • François3 married M-Amable Chagnon on September 28, 1789 in Verchères; she is the daughter of Antoine Chagnon and Françoise Paquet. Together they have nine children: 6 boys and 3 girls. All but one founded homes, André who died on 25 Nov. 1837 in St-Charles sur Richelieu, possibly during the Revolt of the Patriotes. All marriages are celebrated in parishes in the Richelieu Valley.
    • Jean-Baptiste married Angélique Villeneuve on March 3, 1783 in Charlesbourg. She is the daughter of Pierre Villeneuve and Barbe Bussières. They have 7 children: 4 boys and 3 girls, all of whom marry in Charlesbourg.
    • Josette married Jean-Marie Bédard on Jan. 21, 1788 in Charlesbourg.
    • Suzanne married Joseph Léonard on Feb. 19. 1797 in Charlesbourg.
    • Thomas married Catherine Dion,daughter of Michel Dion and Marie-Anne Germain on August 3, 1770 at Notre-Dame Church in Quebec City. From this marriage were born four children who all founded homes in the Quebec City area. After Catherine's death, Thomas remarried to Olivette Laveau on 7 Jan. 1805 and again became the father of two girls and three boys, all of whom went on to found homes at Quebec.
    • Jacques junior married Louise Descault-Montauban on November 27, 1781 in Quebec City. The couple will have four boys and two girls. All of them also founded homes in Quebec City. To Marie Josèphe Jobin,Jacques gave three daughters:
      • Josephte3,who married François Hamel on Jan. 10, 1803 in St-Ambroise, Nlle Lorrette.
      • Marie-Anne,who married Ambroise Verret on Feb. 3. 1795 in St-Ambroise, Nlle Lorrette.
      • Louise,who married Joseph Hamel on Nov. 22, 1802 in Loretteville, St-Ambroi

Jacques Lévesque's descendants settled mainly in the Quebec City area. The surname Lafrance is now borne by a large number of them. They must be distinguished from other Lafrance. Several other families have also adopted the nickname of Lafrance, such as Pinel, Rougier, Dubois, Jourdain.

Charles Lévesque and Élisabeth Bériau

Charles Lévesque,son of Jacques and Marie Rivet, de Larochelle, Aunis, married Élisabeth Bériau,widow of Nicolas Champagne, on June 2, 1753 in Quebec City. She is the daughter of Maurice Bériau and Catherine Monet. The couple has eight children: 4 boys and 4 girls:

  • Jean-Baptiste3 married Françoise Grenier on October 3, 1785 in Montreal. She is the daughter of Jean Grenier and Marguerite Grisé. So far, there have been two children born to this couple: Louis Olivier who married Aurélie Decoine on October 10, 1830 in L'Acadie, and Antoine who married Delphine Perreault on November 15, 1831 at Notre-Dame Church in Montreal. From these two marriages, no descendants have yet been found.
  • Josette married Jacques Pinsonneau for the first time on 19 Jan. 1784 in Laprairie, and remarried Marcel Ballard on 27 Oct. 1791 in St-Constant, Laprairie. Finally she married Joseph Janotte-Lachapelle for the third time on 12 Jan. 1795 in St-Marc-sur-Richelieu.
  • Charlotte Lévesque,born August 9, 1754 in Ste-Anne-de-La-Pérade. She married François Reneau on 20 Sept. 1779 in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu.
  • François Lévesque, born Oct. 4, 1756 in Lavaltrie died Oct. 6, 1756 in Lavaltrie (2J).
  • Louise-M Lévesque,born on Oct. 24, 1757 in Lavaltrie.
  • Agathe Lévesque,born July 28, 1760 in Lavaltrie married Antoine Drogue on Oct. 23, 1786 in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu.
  • Joseph Lévesque,born on Dec. 26, 1764 in Lavaltrie.
  • Rosalie Lévesque,born June 27, 1771 in Sorel, St-Pierre, died July 13, 1771 in Sorel…

Despite a lot of research efforts, we have not been able to discover descendants of the Lévesque Bériault couple beyond the second generation. It seems that the paternal line is no longer active in Quebec.

Nicolas-Charles-Louis Lévesque and Cécile Morel de la Durantaye

Nicolas-Charles-Louis Lévesque,royal notary, son of Jean, Sieur de Hogue, and Louise Habel, of Bouillon, Normandy, married Cécile Morel on July 7, 1760 in St-Thomas de Montmagny. Together they have two daughters and a son.

  • Geneviève-Régis married Étienne Thibault for the first time on October 23, 1792 in Montmagny and subsequently François Lebourdais on October 13, 1812 in L'Islet.
  • Cécile married Joseph Paquet on November 22, 1785 in Montmagny.
  • The only boy, François died on February 10, 1821 in Percé at the age of 46. His burial took place on 2 May in Bonaventure.

Was Francis married and had children? No trace of his family was found in Quebec. It seems that the lineage is extinct.

Olivier Lévesque and Marguerite Arrivé

Olivier Lévesque,known as the Archbishop, born in 1660, is the son of Guillaume and Marie Caron, of St-Servant, brittany. On February 27, 1713, he married Marguerite Arrivé in Ste-Famille, Ile d'Orléans. He is 43 years old. The couple has two daughters:

  • Marguerite was born on January 19, 1714 in Ste-Famille.
  • Élisabeth born april 7, 1715 in St-François, Ile d'Orléans. Unfortunately, Élisabeth and her mother Marguerite died two months later a day apart, on 15 and 16 June 1715 in St-François.

It does not appear thatOlivier remarried after the death of his wife in 1715. The paternal line would therefore be extinct.

Jean Lévesque and Françoise Bouillon

It was believed for a time that Jean was the son of Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier. In fact he is the son of Michel and Hélène Monieux, of Passais, diocese of Mans, France. He married Françoise Bouillon on January 29, 1763 in St-Germain de Rimouski after signing a marriage contract with notary J.C. Panet. Together, they have at least five children: two girls and three boys who will start homes.

  • Geneviève married Jean-Baptiste Pineau on June 1, 1785, and Madeleine married Pierre Proulx on January 27, 1795 in St-Germain de Rimouski.
  • Joseph married Angélique Proulx, daughter of Charles Proulx, and Marie Chouinard, on February 5, 1805 in Rimouski. He became the father of at least eight children: four boys and four girls.
  • Michel married Basilisse Lepage,daughter of Charles Lepage and M.-Anne Dion, on January 15, 1805 in Rimouski; she was the sister of Léocadie,who had united with Jean-Baptiste a little earlier on 11 Jan. 1803 in St-Germain de Rimouski. Michel and Basilisse will have at least 5 boys and 6 girls. Ten of them will found homes.
  • Jean-Baptiste and Léocadie had 9 children: 7 girls and 2 boys. All of them get married and start homes.

The Lévesque-Bouillon line is still very active in Gaspésie. She was particularly focused in Rimouski and around Rimouski. It is not uncommon to encounter marriages between descendants of Lévesque-Bouillon and Lévesque-Chevalier.

François Lévesque and Catherine Trottier-Désaulniers

François Lévesque born June 29, 1732 in Rouen, Normandy is the son of François and Marie Bouchet (or Pouchet), a wealthy family, owner of the largest cotton mill in the Rouen region. Coming to Quebec, probably initially for business reasons, he traded in furs and grain between Montreal and Quebec. He owned his own ships and made many trips to France. On August 16, 1769, he married Catherine Trottier,daughter of Étienne Trottier-Désaulniers and Louise D'Amours, in an Anglican church in Quebec City. None other than Sir Guy Carleton,then governor of the new British colony, was present at the wedding. On the same day he signed a marriage contract at the notary J.C. Panet. In 1771 François was appointed a justice of the peace and in 1775 Guy Carleton appointed him to the Legislative Council and in 1781 to the Executive Council. He died suddenly on 14 Jan. 1787 when he had just been appointed a member of commerce and police. He is 54 years old. His wife is only 35 and has given birth to nine children. Four died in infancy. The eldest of the survivors, François-Étienne was baptized on June 17, 1772 in Quebec City, he became a lawyer and practiced in Montreal. He spends a lot of time in the United States. It seems that he did not inherit any business acumen from his father at all since at his death he is insolvent. On 15 Sept. 1796 he married in Montreal a widow of eleven years his eldest and native of Detroit, Cécile Robert,daughter of Antoine Robert and Louise Draquemont. Together they are said to have had two children who died before 1822. Cécile Robert died on April 1, 1822 at the age of 61 and a year later, Francis remarried to Sarah-Ann Morris at St. John's Presbyterian Church. Andrew's from Montreal. No descendants are known. The second survivor is called Claire-Catherine. She was born on May 9, 1777 in Quebec City. She married Pierre Grisé on November 23, 1807 in Chambly, son of Antoine Grisé and Françoise Marcoux. Marc-Antoine-Louis,the third survivor, is doomed to a brilliant career. He was a lawyer, captain and then lieutenant-colonel of the battalion, judge-lawyer and clerk of the King's Bench. He married Charlotte-Mélanie Panet,daughter of a notary, on 16 May 1814 in Montreal. She gave him at least six boys:

  • Pierre-Louis and Georges-Théodore died in infancy.
  • Charles-François,lawyer, married Julie Morrison on June 14, 1843 in Berthier. She died giving birth to a daughter Jessé-Béatrice Lévesque on May 17, 1844. Troubled, Charles-François took refuge with his mother in Ste-Mélanie where he was busy writing poems and hunting. He died in a hunting accident on November 3, 1859.
  • Guillaume-Louis,a lawyer, was sentenced to death for taking part in the Odeltown Insurrection of 1837. His sentence was commuted to exile in France. Pardoned in 1843, he returned home to work as a professional translator in the Legislative Assembly. He died of a stroke in 1856 at the age of 35.
  • Louis Gabriel,a notary, leads a peaceful life as a gentleman. He died of a heart attack at the age of 56 in Ste-Mélanie.
  • Pierre Thomas married three times and became the father of seven girls, no boy known so far.
  • The last survivor of the marriage of François and Catherine Trottier is called Pierre. Born in May 1785 in Quebec City, he is said to have disappeared during a trip to the United States. With this last death died the paternal line of Francis and Catherine. This last statement is corroborated by the late Marthe Faribault-Beauregard in an article published in the Mémoires de la Société de Généalogie canadienne-française, vol 8 pp 13-30. The above information is partly taken from this article.

Other Lévesque from France

  1. Jacques Lévesque Sr. and Jacques Lévesque Jr. would have enlisted in 1656 at LaRochelle for a period of three years. They would have received an advance of one year's salary. They probably came to Quebec or Acadia, but they do not seem to have started families in either Quebec or Acadia. They probably returned to France or elsewhere.
  2. Louis Lévesque (?.) of the Archdiocese of Paris, mason. He received confirmation at Quebec on 24 August 1676. He lives in Beauport. In the census of 1681 he was 42 years old. (Dict. Discarded)
  3. R. Lévesque, originally from France; his first name is unknown. He arrived in Canada around 1840 under unknown circumstances. In the 1842 census he resided in the St-Roch district of Quebec City. This is the only mention of the presence of this individual in the country. (cf Les Français au Québec p 220 by Marcel Fournier)
  4. The Larocque census of 1752 in Acadia records a Maurice Lévesque of unknown parents, possibly from St-Jean-de-Bouillon in Normandy. Maurice was then 43 years old and had lived in the colony for about 35 years. (cf. Adrien Gagnon, Le Grand Arrangement des Acadiens au Québec, vol 5 p.221)
  5. In Acadia, Adrien Gagnon (op.cit.) indicates the presence of another Mauritius or perhaps the same as the one mentioned in iv). His parents are also unknown. Maurice was born around 1709 and married M-Anne Bernard (Besnard) around 1737 in Port-Dauphin, Isle Royale d'Acadie. She was the daughter of Pierre Bernard and Cécile Longueépée.
  6. At least four children are said to have been born to this couple: Marie (1741), Joseph (1741), Jean-Baptiste (1749) and François who may have died when they arrived at Quebec at the time of the epidemic of 1757-1758 (Adrien Bergeron, op.c. p. 221-2).
    1. Closer to home, Pierre Lévêque (sic) son of André Lévêque and Émilienne Lepironnec, of France, married Christine Biberon at Notre-Dame Church in Montreal on November 22, 1972. Christine is the daughter of Jacques Biberon and Éliane Constant.
  7. Levac, Levasque, Levack, Levaque, Bishop. It is important to know that, in English-speaking circles, Lévesque's name was either translated or written with an euphony that is based on the English language. Thus there are Lévesque bearing the names of Levaque, Levasque, Levack, Levac and Bishop. So far, research has linked their origins to one or the other of the above-mentioned strains. But beware not all Levacs are Lévesque and not all Bishops are Lévesque. There are bishops of Irish and British descent in Canada and the United States, as there are also true Levac descendants of the line of Martin Levac and Josephte Rhéaume married at the End of the Island (Montreal) in 1749. This Martin Levac was originally from St-Nicolas de Bapaume in Artois and his descendants settled mainly in the counties of Vaudreuil-Soulanges and the Valleyfield region of Quebec.
  8. Lévesque-Larche In closing, it should be noted that several directories in the Montreal area and southwest of Montreal mention Lévesque-Larche. It would be possible to believe that they are descendants of Olivier Lévesque and Marguerite Arrivé. Well, no. In fact, our data indicate that they are The Archbishop mainly from the ancestor Claudius the Archbishop and Mary Simon. It is known that Larche is an abbreviation of The Archbishop. The introduction of the surname Lévesque attached to Larche is still an enigma to be clarified.